Cyber Security

TrustNet provides the next generation of cyber solutions to address the latest security threats.
The Company’s wide range of technologies places it at the forefront of the information and cyber security industry.

What is cyber security?

In recent years, the term “cyber” became very popular in the information security industry. The simplicity of cyber-attack planning and implementation and the widespread impact of its damage, both financially and operationally, caused a dramatic increase in the number of attacks around the world. Information security systems can’t keep up with the complexity of cyber-attacks and therefore innovative solutions have been developed that require thorough knowledge of information security.

Our Team

TrustNet leads the world of cyber-security with a team of high quality experts specializing in market leading technologies of cyber threat detection and mitigation. The team provides a complete and suitable solution for each customer and specializes in system requirements specification and implementation of:

  • End to end SIEM \ SOC Solutions

  • Endpoint Protection

  • Endpoint Detection & Remediation

  • Network Anomaly

  • Honeypot